Where the hell is Patrick Seabird? Budapest!

Place. Time. Luck.

Broken house in Budapest

Going to Budapest, where the houses seem to be falling apart. Some of them even have wooden porches, which looks like a bit from medieval times. The people from Hungary seem to like old dark times, a lot of them just recently voted for a right-wing extremist party. So why not go there and get an idea of this town by yourself? That's what I did.

Fortunately not everyone in Budapest is a Nazi. We went out to a bar called Sirály, which represents the alternative, jewish scene and had a lot of fun there. You could feel the fresh and open minded energy. Also the Szimpla was a great place to hang out and drink some beer. And they are quite nearby.

Time: The timing was right. It was the time, when almost all of the airports in Europe were closed because of the ashes of a volcano in Iceland. Yes, Iceland!
The result was a run on all the trainstations in Europe. One hour waiting for the ticket at Vienna trainstation. One hour waiting at Budapest trainstation when going back. The Hungarian train services are employing people, who are serving water to the people waiting in line. The question is, why can't those people sell tickets as well?
After all, the ticket is written by hand. Yes, by hand!

It's amazing.
You enter the train, wait for three hours and are in a country where they speak such a different language and use money, where you have to calculate with 10.000s again (Because of the value of the currency).

Luck: When you come to the place, where Úri utca and Szentháromság utca meet, you can find a statue. There is one part of the horse, which looks really shiny. People tell, that when you touch this part it brings luck. Here you can see me touching it:
Lucky horse
Maybe that's why we had so much luck with the weather. The sun was shining the whole weekend.

Going to Budapest: Good place, good time, good luck!

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